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    Chalice's Chiclayo Site has partnered with Centro Esperanza (Hope Centre) in the city of Chiclayo since 2004, and since 2018 has been engaged in the Community Project “Families Promoting the Development of their Community”. The Director of Chiclayo Site is Maribel Ordóñez and the Director of Centro Esperanza is Neptalina Flores Jiménez.

    The site's sponsorship program supports 207 families and 404 children and adolescents. It seeks the empowerment of women through their personal development and labour abilities, as well as leadership and organization through the Family Circles.

    The Community Project “Families as Promoters of the Development of their Community” benefits the families sponsored by the site, while also including non-sponsored families in vulnerable situations, including migrant families. It has three lines of intervention that are developed through training programs: Family School, aimed at 65 families, School of the Neighbourhood, aimed at 100 boys and girls ages 10 to 12, and the CRECER Program, aimed at 60 adolescents.

    Throughout all initiatives, the aim is to create development opportunities that promote good practices around exercising of rights, gender equality, interculturality, and care for the environment that allows them to improve their conditions of work life, strengthen citizen participation, and contribute to change in personal, family and social life.

    Site Director: 

    Maribel Ordóñez


    Janet - Accountant

    Sonia - Secretary

    Ludivina - Field Worker

    Mirle - Field Worker

    Celeste - Field Worker

    María - Field Worker

    Community Project Team:

    Yolanda - Project Coordinator
    Evangelina - Field Worker
    Anthony - Field Worker
    Dalila - Administration Assistant

    Director of Centro Esperanza:
    Neptalina Flores Jiménez


    Read more about Chalice's work in Peru

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Joanne Albrecht I'm so sorry to hear your news, Marina, and am praying for you and your sister, and Dominic - for Jesus to heal, for His peace to be present amidst everything, and for strength in your family relationships as you journey through this time together 6 hours 17 minutes ago
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