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  • Chapel Description

    Chalice has partnered with the Diocese of San Juan Bautista de Las Misiones in the city of Ayolas since 2013. Under the direction of Javier Duarte Cristaldo, the site runs Chalice’s sponsorship program from a Centre for Children and Adolescents. The site offers after-school support, as well as workshops for adolescents on substance abuse and skills training for mothers. The site has a partnership with a local health centre to provide regular medical check-ups, such as ophthalmology and dental. The Chalice Children Nutrition Program provides nutritious food, with the help and advice of a professional nutritionist.

    Site Director: 

    Javier Duarte


    Coordinator: Hugo 

    Administration: Ángela 

    Administration Assistant: Stefania 

    Translator: Janet 

    Field Workers: Digna, Sonia, Julio and Irene.



Hello, I am the sponsor to Ruth Araceli Roman Riveros. I am praying for all of you at the Ayolas site and would like to know if you are all healthy during... Show more

Jackie Meyers Thank-you for your love and concern, Mary-Susan. I will forward your comments to the Sponsor representative for the Ayolas site. 5 months ago