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    Chalice has partnered with Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod in the geographically isolated state of Assam since 2009. Sr. Bindu Chacko oversees the sponsorship program, providing educational and rehabilitative services to the children in the communities, with a special focus on improved mobility and independence of children with disabilities.

    Site Director: 

    Sr. Bindu Chacko


    Community Development Officers: Mrs. Sumitra and Mr. Rupam. 

    Administration: Mr. Ritesh


    HCG, MER

Sister Bindu Chacko sends us a message of encouragement from our Assam site.

Prayers from Assam, India

What inspires you each day? What encourages you to give to those most in need? Site Director Sister Bindu Chacko, sends prayers and words of...

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