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    Chalice has partnered with the Franciscan Sisters of St. Anne in the villages around Asembo in Kenya's Nyanza province, since 2008. Sister Miriam Jagogo directs the sponsorship program, which is supported by the Chalice Children Nutrition Fund. Agriculture projects have been implemented, and sponsored families are introduced to good farming methods through community-run resource centres and work with groups to promote sustainable small scale agri-businesses. In addition to sponsorship, the site provides training to parents and youth in nutrition, HIV/AIDS care, diabetes, geriatric nutrition, micronutrient supplementation, kitchen gardening, nutrition-sensitive agriculture, meal preparation, nutrition, and oral hygiene.

    Site Director: 

    Sr. Miriam Jagogo


    The site is headed by Sister Miriam who is the Site Director and assisted by Sr. Francine, as the assistant Site director, programs coordinator, finance manager, assisted by the bookkeeper, two social workers, one nutrition and local agriculture manager.



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Sending Prayers to the AMAZING team of Asembo. May you all have a time to reflect and recharge during Lent.

Brenda Laronde Praying for all the people at this site. My sponsored child is there also. Continual prayers. 8 months ago
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